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The purpose of the online polls is to provide your feedback on features, ideas, and content on the website and things that impact the church.

Sermon Blogging Poll

Currently we are thinking about adding a new opportunity for individuals to interact with God's Word and the sermon. We are thinking of adding a blog. A blog is a short insight, question, comment, that makes you think and meditate on the topic. It invites you to post your thoughts and interact with others in the community. Especially if you are unable to participate in one of our home based small groups - this can be an online community that allows you to stay connected and grow in your knowledge and relationships with one another. The hope would be that at the end of a sermon series we would gather together for a dinner at someone's home or a restaurant to bring the online bloggers together in person!

What do you think?

Would you be interested in participating in a blog that is based on the Pastor's Sermon each week?