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Christian Education - Classes & Groups All Ages

Connecting with God and with Each Other

At FBCA when we talk about "connecting" it probably brings to mind the concept in social media apps of connecting with other people through FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat - just to name a few. But at FBCA we aim to offer a far different type of connection. A connection that can last a life time - and beyond. FBCA offers F2F connections (face to face), and most importantly a connection with Jesus who will never unfriend you but instead promises to be WYF (with you forever). So check out some groups that offer great opportunities to connect F2F!

Come As You Are

FBCA's Connect Groups are centered around opportunities to explore, grow, and develop our knowledge of and relationship with God and each other. Groups and classes that focus on teaching, discussion, prayer, and study of the Bible. Just as our interpersonal relationships grow as we converse with one another, spend time with one another and seek to get to know each other - - so as we learn about God, talk about God, talk to God, and spend time getting to know him - we will find ourselves in a fresh, vibrant relationship with the God who created the universe and created us! It is mind blowing to really think of that! How big and magnificent and awesome is our world: the stars, the ocean waves, the sloping mountains and changing seasons - yet the same God that created all of this - created us and actually wants to call us friends, call us His children!! There is SO much to be missed when we are not connected to God and one another!

To this end our groups and classes are characterized by:

  1. an open atmosphere that allows for honest Q&A;
  2. a focus on understanding God's word - what it meant to the initial readers and what it means to us today;
  3. time to connect with friends and share the fun, stressors, and challenges of life
  4. a cup of espresso, tea, or beverage
  5. prayer for one another and global and community concerns

We Partner With You in Nurturing the Faith of Children

First Baptist Church strives to assist families and individuals to find meaning and purpose in their lives. The Bible teaches that we can have a truly amazing and meaningful life - an abundant life - when we have a relationship with Jesus. We are committed to providing excellent teachers and resources to help you and your children on your faith journey.

Online Resources for Parents and Children

Checkout the Children's Corner to participate in our online learning challenge! For each class you will find short activities to do during the week that emphasizes the lesson for the week. These are downloadable pages and some interactive Bible games. Children are invited to master the game and get to the next level. Print a certificate at the end of the week and bring it in to your teacher for display in the classroom. The learning contest will go on all year with a surprise at the end of the year! Don't miss out!

Child Safety Top Priority

All of our volunteers who work with children and youth are CORI checked. Children are never left alone or left alone with a single volunteer. Our facilities, in particular the nursery are thoroughly sanitized to keep germs to a minimum. We also utilize walkie talkies to enable church leaders to communicate quickly throughout the church building in the event of an emergency.

Find a group at the Children's Corner, Youth Place, Linked In College/Career, and/or the Adult Center. We'll look forward to you becoming part of our community! See you soon!

Make a connection!

There are group offerings based on different age groups, different topics and interests. All groups listed under Adult are open to youth, college and career. Check the calendar and watch for announcements!


Don't Miss Out - Check the Calendar for children, youth, and adult activities!


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