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Christian Education

The Christian Education Board is exploring how we will hold Sunday School this Fall.

We hope and pray we will have a program in place.

First Baptist Church of Abington's Philosophy of Christian Education

(Why we do things the way we do and why we choose the curriculum we choose - important information for parents)

THIS IS COMING SOON! Thank you for your patience!

We Partner With You in Nurturing the Faith of Children

First Baptist Church strives to assist families and individuals to find meaning and purpose in their lives. We exist to help each one understand why we are alive and to discover God's amazing and unique plan for our life. The Christian Education Committee consists of the following members:

Chair Mike Collins
Nominating Committee Douglas Whitmarsh
Sunday School Superintent Anne Manna
Assisant Sunday School Superintent Douglas Whitmarsh
Nursery Coordinator TBA
Secretary Laura Nadell
Youth Director Mike Collins

We are committed to providing excellent teachers and resources for parents to help empower you to nurture your children in the Christian faith.

For Detailed Information about individual programs governed by this philosophy please visit the following pages:

Children's Corner


Adult Center

Child Safety Top Priority

All of our volunteers who work with children and youth are CORI checked. Children are never left alone or left alone with a single volunteer. Our facilities, in particular the nursery are thoroughly sanitized to keep germs to a minimum. We also utilize walkie talkies to enable church leaders to communicate quickly throughout the church building in the event of an emergency.

Library of Christian Resources

Christian DVD's, Study DVD's, books for all ages - located right off the sanctuary.

Our churchlibrary is a prolific resource for the community. We lend many books, videos, and DVD's. There are resources for children, youth and adults. Looking for a good Christian book? Stop by and check out the library! Find your resource and then sign in out on the clipboard.