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What It Means to Be Baptist

FBCA Welcomes You

This page is meant to give you some information about what FBCA believes and what it means to be part of a Baptist church. FBCA is made of individuals from a variety of religious backcgrounds who have found FBCA to be a place of hospitality, compassion, love and focused commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word - the Bible.

"Cherishing our own God-given gift of freedom has motivated us to support religious freedom for all to seek God’s will. Although this has allowed for distinctive opinions within our congregations both on aspects of our faith and their application within society, most of us would admit that dialog is a healthy means of spiritual growth. As it encourages its members to seek continually the mind of Christ in all matters, American Baptist Churches USA respects the variety of theological understandings that its members, and other Christians, have embraced." (from the American Baptist website at

Whether you have attended Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Unitarian, or simply have been working out your relationship with God on your own - you will find FBCA to be a place where you can ask questions and explore your beliefs within the context of a church that offers you the same love, understanding and teachings taught by Jesus and his disciples that we read in the Bible. Let's go ahead now and explore some of the things that form the foundational beliefs of the Baptist church.

The Baptist Distinctives

  1. Jesus Christ through His Life, Death & Resurrection Provides the Way to Be Saved from Sin

  2. "Foremost among beliefs firmly held by American Baptists is the acknowledgment that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and our Lord, and that through belief in Him we are assured of eternal fellowship with a loving God. For us, the foundation of Christian belief–and the greatest event in all history–is the drama of the first Easter week: the death of Christ, in which He took upon Himself all the sins of the world, and the Resurrection, which offers glorious proof of His teaching and His triumph over sin and death". (from the American Baptist website at
  3. The Basis of Our Beliefs Is Found in the Christian Bible

    That the Bible, and particularly the New Testament, is the only authority for our beliefs.As American Baptists, "Holy Scripture always has been for us the most authoritative guide to knowing and serving the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer). As the divinely-inspired word of God, the Bible for us reveals our faith and its mandated practice." (from the American Baptist website at

  4. Priesthood of Believers

    That any individual can be in personal communion with God." Our affirmation of the priesthood of all believers arises from a conviction that all who truly seek God are competent to approach God directly. We cherish the freedom Christ has granted us as individual believers and distinctive congregations. The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the church in Galatia and in other writings, emphasizes that freedom. Because of that, we have tended to avoid embracing prepared creeds or other statements that might compromise our obligation to interpret Scripture as individuals within the community of faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit." (from the American Baptist website at

  5. Separation of Church and State

    That the churches need freedom from political ties to effectively propagate Christianity.

  6. Believer's Baptism

    That the experience is a privilege for those who have reached the age of understanding and is the beginning of a new life with Jesus as Savior. We exercise the practice of immersion baptism of believers, which is often followed by joining FBCA as a member of the community

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