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Adult Center



Welcome to the Adult Center at FBCA

Thanks for exploring the adult program offerings at FBCA. Here is where you can find news and events related to Adult Christian Education classes and Adult Connect Groups.

Connecting through Christian Education Classes

On Sundays, the primary focus of each class is growing in our understanding and knowledge of God's Word in such a way as to nurture our relationship with Jesus and with others. Through dialogue, Q&A, presentations and research we seek the Holy Spirit's guidance to grow in grace and truth. Just as we nurture our relationships with one another by spending time with our friends and family, so this is focused time during the week we gather together, draw wisdom from each other and spend time getting to know this man called Jesus. By reading His own words to us, by taking in the first-hand eye witness accounts of His life our faith is strengthened. Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)states: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.



Sunday Christian Education Classes

Sunday School Classes - Romans

The letter to the Romans is found in the New Testament and was written by the Apostle Paul. It was written to the church in Rome that existed in the A.D. 60's. It's a letter full of all sorts of practical stuff. It spells out exactly what took place when Jesus died on the cross - and it is extremely Good News! This is the class where you can find out why it is such Good News! Do you know that we do not need a professional priest or minister to go to God on our behalf - but that we can go directly to God ourselves and seek forgiveness and present our requests to God? This is just one of the radical concepts taught in this incredible letter! This concept is often referred to as the "highpriesthood of all believers". When this letter was written - things were scary in the world, just like today - times were uncertain. Eventually the main symbol of their religious beliefs - the Temple in Jerusalem - was destroyed by the government in A.D. 70. And still now - the Temple in Jerusalem - remains a pivotal place in history. Come and explore the world of the church at Rome and how the practical theology taught in this letter is so applicable to us today.

This is a great class to attend if you are exploring the Christian faith or want to be able to explain your faith to friends and neighbors


Sermon on the Mount

Leader: Pastor Mike Cunningham

Where: Pastor's Office

Mid Week Connect Groups - Bible Studies

Women's Bible Study

Mondays - 1:00 PM, and sometimes at 10:00 a.m. - see the Calendar for dates/times

Leader: Sue Norton

Where: The Stone's Home - 72 Wyman Rd Abington

Topic: Gospel of John

Contact: Barbara Stone at

Men's Bible Study

When: Wednesdays- 10:00 AM

Where: Church

Topic: Various


Mixed Adult Bible Study

When: Tuesdays - 7:00 PM

Leader: Mark Seeley

Where: Pat and Kali Lyons - 89 R Green St Rockland

Topic: Isaiah

Contact: Kali Lyons at

Men's Homecoming - Recovery Group

Men's Homecoming is a Christian Recovery Group that meets every Friday night. It meets at the church beginning at 7:00 PM


Al-Anon meets every Monday at the church. Meetings begin at 7:00 PM.

Women's Fellowship


The Women's Fellowship has a variety of activities throughout the year. Women gather for Monday Bible Study during the day, are the backbone behind the Fall Fair.

We are currently looking for someone to help with organizing activities for 2017! In the past we have had women's retreats, one day getaways, and nights out. Do you have passion, ideas, and desire to see women grow in their relationship with God and each other? Contact Anne Manna for more information. We need you and your unique gifts!






Would you be interested in participating in a blog that would allow us to dialog and reflect on the Sunday School taught by Doug Whitmarsh?